COVID-19 Programs

I understand that this is a difficult time in our lives.  Given all that is happening, it makes sense for us to talk about how your current financial situation is positioned and make sure that we are protecting what matters most to you. 

During these uncertain times it is wise to be sure your loved ones are safe and provided for in spite of the next unpredictable event.  If you want to discuss your current positions and clarify any adjustments that are possibly needed, just give me a call and we will setup a mutually agreed time to visit.

If you are having trouble paying premiums, New York Life has a program that can help provide financial flexibility and peace of mind

Financial Hardship Program

"If you have experienced financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, you may be eligible for New York Life's Financial Hardship Program.  It provides an extended pause on cacellation of coverage up to an additional 90 days or a 90 day grace period.  After this period, you will be eligible for an interest-free repayment plan of at least 12 months."

Go to New York Life website for enrollment.

Advance Planning  

Updates on "Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act of 2020"